Please do not use as intended


Insoapropriate. A collection of natural, vegan, biodegradable, and inappropriate soap. / Handcrafted in the heart of Montreal by Faveur savons bio. – Designed, imagined & conceived by Sid Lee
01. Premium palate


Super sour lemon or sweet honeydew. Tangy coffee and a salty teardrop too. This savory soap will amplify every flavor, So scrub your taste buds for a hint of pleasure.

But use it with caution; it’s a little toxic and a new kind of bitter.

02. Crystalline hearing


A pin just dropped, did you hear it? Are you deaf as a post and sad about it? Use this soap for a clean audition, Welcome the pulses and feel the vibration.

But use it with caution: what starts as a tickle might become an affliction.

03. Sublime smell


Your first love’s shampoo, or freshly cut grass. Clearing up your nose will stir up the past. No matter the aromas, the perfumes or stenches, Their intensity will perk up your senses.

But use this soap with caution: if something smells fishy, it’s because it is.

04. Stellar vision


Broaden your perspective and clean your sight. Let the sun come in with all its might. Turn a blind eye to the sting, scrub, and see the light. Believe only half of what you see, and listen to nothing we just said.

Use this soap with caution; or you just might see red.